World Cancer Day 2019: Warning signs of breast cancer and ways to prevent

World Cancer Day 2019: Warning signs of breast cancer and ways to prevent

Breast cancer has emerged out as one of serious concerns in today's times. To save people, awareness about cancer is a must. If people are aware of the breast cancer, they can take treatment at right time and save themselves and others too. According to a study, one out of every 28 women in India suffers from breast cancer. This ratio is higher in cities and metropolitans as compared to the rural areas, where it is comparatively low, i.e. one in 60 women. In fact, the warning signs for all the women are not same. Few signs are mentioned below to help people and spread awareness about breast cancer.

Lump in the breast or armpit
Lump in breast is very first sign of it. If the small lumps appear in armpit then it is sign of breast cancer.

Changes in size of breast
There is change in size. If one breast gets smaller or larger in comparison to other then it is a signal.

Changes in nipples
Changes will appear in the nipples. The direction of it changes. They are pointed out in normal and suddenly turn inverted. If this happens consult doctor.

Discharge from nipples
If the discharge from the nipple happens even without squeezing then it is a sign of breast cancer. It may happen in one or both.

Changes in skin
The skin of breast becomes red, dimpled or puckered. There is swelling around it. Rashes also appear around the breast skin. In fact, itching of breast and nipples cannot be treated by creams. These kinds of changes are signs of breast cancer.

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