Winter special recipe: Make delicious and healthy gond ke laddoo

Winter special recipe: Make delicious and healthy gond ke laddoo

These laddoos are specially eaten in winters. As they are full of dried fruits and fat, Gond ke ladoos provide heat and energy to your body. It is usually advised to eat in breakfast so to remain energetic in chilling winters. If you want to make them at home, we have easy recipe for you. Let's learn to make delicious and healthy gond ke laddoo.


200 grams gond/edible gum, 500 grams wheat flour, 350 grams sugar, 300 grams ghee, 1tbsp melon seeds, 30-40 almonds, 10 elaichi/cardamom, 2 tbsp dry coconut  grated, 1/4 tbsp nutmeg powder

How to make

In kadai, heat ghee and fry edible gum pieces till they fluff up like popcorn.  Now cool this edible gum and crush to a coarse powder.  Sieve wheat flour and fry it well with ghee till it turns pink. Turn off flame and let the flour be cool. Now take another pan and roast almonds, dry coconut, and melon seeds till the time they start fragrant. Mix them with edible gum powder. Peel elaichi and then crush them. Add nutmeg powder and cardamom powder in edible gum mixture. Melt sugar and cook to make sugar syrup of one-string consistency. Take wheat flour, edible gum mixture and sugar syrup together and mix all ingredients well. Now take a small portion of mixture and make a ball of it. Delicious and healthy gond ke laddoos are ready. Cool them completely and store.

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