Why you should keep a diary

Why you should keep a diary

Keeping a diary is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences. Years from now, you will wonder what you were doing years ago. A diary will remind you of the good and bad times you had in your past. A diary can also help vent out anger and frustration as well as excitement. In a diary you can keep your life loving moment. Secrets are secrets, and a diary is a best place to write your secret thoughts and feelings about the day. Here are five tips for keep secret diary.

Argue with yourself
80% of the time, people who want to keep a secret diary or journal, end up only writing about twice a month, or just give up at about May. If you can't bring yourself to keep a commitment, wait another year, then you will be older and more sensible.

Secret diary reflects your personality

Some of the ways people personalize diaries are: adding scraps, like movie ticket stubs, receipts, flower petals, gluing in photographs, making sketches and drawings, writing poems, choosing a quotation or a goal of the day.

In your daily being honest to your true identity
Many people perform a facade of their true identity, either as a means to fulfill other's expectations, as an attempt to be somebody else or because they are ashamed to be themselves. Writing a diary is an entirely personal activity, selfish in fact, but vitally important for releasing every human's unique and valuable individuality.

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