When your boyfriend attracted to your best friend

When your boyfriend attracted to your best friend

What happens if someday your best friend comes and says that she had an affair with your boyfriend since last few months. You can't imagine this thing that what will be your reaction over her words. So, innocent girls keep eyes on them if you really find some of the signs described below-

Take interest about your friends information
There's a thin line between being a genuinely caring and concerned person and being someone dangerously interested in another person. If your boyfriend or your best friend is asking you about your partners interests, where about and other personal information then it may be an indication that both are attracted towards each other.

Always want to your friends presence

There is nothing wrong with your boyfriend wanting to spend time with your friend but if he is only interested in going out when your friend is included then obviously your friend is upstaging you.

This is arguably the easiest thing to identify. If you notice your partner looking at your friend in a sexual manner then it's time for you the start avoiding situations in which your partner and friend are in the same setting.

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