When It's Time to Break Up: 7 Warning Signs

When It's Time to Break Up: 7 Warning Signs

You don't feel free to be yourself
No relationship is going to reach it's potential unless both partners are authentic. You will feel stifled and suffocated if you cannot consistently express your true self.

Not hanging out in public

If he is not willing to hang out with you in the public and doesn't want his friends to know about you dating, then it's high time to stop dating. He may be flirting with you and maybe it's time leave him for good.

He's acting like sex and the single guy
He is doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants without taking you into consideration. He goes to a baseball game with a group of friends but doesn't include you. Or he suddenly ditches plans with you to go to a party solo or he mysteriously goes away for a weekend to bealone. Or maybe he's calling you at midnight to see if you are available to come over instead of going on an honest to goodness date. It could be that sex is the only thing that's working between you two.

Trust is the glue that holds couples together. If you have legitimate reason to doubt your partner's trustworthiness, you can be sure more trouble is coming.

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