What to do after 12th: 10 Job Oriented courses after 12th

What to do after 12th: 10 Job Oriented courses after 12th

Company Secretary
A Company Secretary has been recognized by various enactments as one of the principle officers of the company. The knowledge and training acquired by him makes him versatile to carry out various functions in finance, accounts, legal, administrative and personnel area in addition to his own secretarial duties and responsibilities.

Charted Accountancy

Chartered Accountant is a rewarding and high profile career. It not only equips you with the necessary knowledge and technical skills in this particular field, but also develops managerial outlook if you to handle even the most critical problems. At the same time, this profession is quite challenging, lucrative as well as prestigious. Placements are not only available in top-notch management hierarchy but also in most of the corporate office, government and international organizations.

Armed Forces
The armed forces offer a glorious as well as exciting career option. Life in the defence services means something more than just pursuing any other regular job. To be an office in any of the three services, Army, Air force, or Navy, apart from your academic excellence, you must posses leadership qualities, motivating spirit,strong determination, intelligence, control of nerves, physical stamina.

In today's fast developing technology, growing industrialization and modernization, 'engineering' holds a prominent place as few other professions do. Engineering is and will continue to remain one of the prospective professions. Unlike many other areas, Engineering requires special kind of interest and aptitude to be successful.

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