What is the power of prayer

What is the power of prayer

The power of prayer is a highly debated topic. While some believers swear by its positive outcomes, others often question and doubt the need. But, praying has its' own power, influence, and benefits in our lives.

For starters, praying is inside us. You may pray to an outer power, a deity, or an idea. It strengthens you from within, it makes you establish communication with yourself, it gives words, meaning, and a sense of fulfilled hope to your yearnings and wishes.

Do not confuse praying with a way, or device that manipulates situations or creates new circumstances. It is a form of expressing your hopes, and putting your case in the Universe, and in front of God. When you pray with a pure heart and with legitimate demands (asking to make you the richest person in the world or bless you with immortality will not help), God will pay heed to your prayers and rightfully take away all suffering.

Pray for fulfillment. Don't pray as a beggar, as a stranger, or in desperation. Pray as His child. Pray with the belief that He is your father and will never do wrong with you. He will answer your prayers when He finds them sincere and right. Pray continually, if a prayer or two go unanswered, don't let your faith falter. In Him alone, inclusive power resides, he is the sole point of reference.

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