What Does Your Birthday Really Mean, Know

What Does Your Birthday Really Mean, Know

You probably know that a particular planet rules your zodiac sign, but you should also know that your day of birth also has a ruling planet that can influence your character and behavior.

Sunday - The Sun's day

Sunday is traditionally viewed as the first day of the week by the ancients and as a day of rest and worship. Sunday's child has the Sun as a sort of an additional ruler in the horoscope. People born on this day, will never be satisfied with anything ordinary in their lives and they will always be like a ray of sunshine for those around them with their auras of brightness. Sunday's child is creative, noble, proud, self-centered, bold and loud.

Monday - The Moon's day
Monday is the second day of the week. Monday's child has changeable moods, because its ruling planet, the Moon is changeable and plays a big role in their lives. The Moon is the key to home, genetics and family ties, so a child born on this day will derive great satisfaction from these principles or be tied to them in their negative expression if there is a karmic debt to be repaid. Monday's child is kind, modest, motherly, adaptable, sensitive and possessive.

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