Vastu for home interiors 2019: Colors for your home that can bring good fortune

Vastu for home interiors 2019: Colors for your home that can bring good fortune

As soon as we start planing to paint the new colours in our house, the very first thing come to our mind is about different colours. We think about varieties of colours for different rooms. But it is very necessary to paint your house according to vastu sashtra. Vastu shastra has used colours to create beautiful and healthy homes which attract prosperity and positivity. See the effects of different colours in house according to Vastu-


Use of yellow colour in south west and south zone will increase the strength of this earth zone which in turn gives stability and power to the master of the house, as south west and south zones represent the head of a house or organization.

Blue colour should not be painted on the walls of a room that has only a north window and admits cold light and a room getting a lot of sunlight should not be painted in too much of warm colors like yellow and orange tones.

It is always better to paint the ceiling white as it radiates white light throughout the room and lessens the room temperature

Green colour which is the colour of mercury is an excellent choice for a study room as it leads to a better concentration among students. This colour is also used in hospitals for quick healing and to stimulate good health.

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