Tips to Romance in bathroom, make your love more spicy

Tips to Romance in bathroom, make your love more spicy

Romance in bathroom is one of the memorable feeling that you are not going to forget in your entire life. There is no doubt that the romantic place create the mood for intimacy. So love birds if you are thinking to make love in bathroom then try some of these tips to make your love more spicy. Check out-

If you're going for a more sensual experience, try adding a few drops of lavender, jasmine or sandalwood essential oil to the water. Add a handful of rose petals directly into the bathwater for a romantic touch.

Simple music
The simple but one good romantic idea is to use music. Do not use any decorations but a single candle enough to see each other. The dim light and soothing music is the most romantic thing that could happen. The bath tub, a single candle and beautiful music. Nothing can be more relaxing and romantic than this.

Romantic lights
Dim the lights and set the mood with a row of candles on the edge of the tub, the windowsill or the back of the toilet. Better to use small tea-light candles (which come in many different colors) as opposed to larger tapers, they're less likely to spill wax onto your tub or get knocked over.

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