Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space

Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space

Some ideas to make optimum use of your apartment space. Here are some ideas on how to manage space.

Colour Speak
Most homemakers skip black when doing up their homes.Yet, it is one of the of the most dramatic hues in the colour pallette, especially when used in a well put together composition as seen here.

Not Just a Bookshelf

This quirky bookshelf built into a corner of the room is an eye-catcher. Visualise this in your mind, figure out what you would like to stock on the racks, and then draw out the shelves as you would like them to be on a notepad before discussing this with your carpenter.

Time to Discard
It is not just special occasions when you should clean the house and discard things, which usually happens to procrastinate from months to even years. Make it a point to set a desired number of days, like every two months or less, that you will discard any unimportant articles lying around in your house.

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