Study: Your Hand Grip Can Reveal If You Are At Diabetes Risk

Study: Your Hand Grip Can Reveal If You Are At Diabetes Risk

Muscular weakness is known to be associated with Type 2 diabetes and researchers now report that hand grip can help doctors perform time-efficient screening tool for diabetes. Healthcare practitioners can use assessment of normalised grip strength to routinely screen for Type 2 diabetes in apparently healthy adults, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The current study was able to identify consistent grip strength cut points relative to body weight, gender, and age group in a large nationally representative sample of participants pre-screened for conditions such as hypertension.

"Diagnosing this disease in its early stages is becoming increasingly more important for preventing complications caused by blood vessel damage associated with diabetes," said lead researcher Elise C Brown from Department of Public and Environmental Wellness, Oakland University, Rochester, Maryland.

The study identifies the levels of handgrip strength/weakness that correlate with Type 2 Diabetes in otherwise healthy men and women, according to their body weights and ages. "Healthcare providers now have a reliable test to detect it early before such complications set in," Brown added.

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