Study: Fertility in danger! Men try having family before it's too late

Study: Fertility in danger! Men try having family before it's too late

The stress of ageing can cause damage to sperm which can lead to a decrease in sperm count and a change in the sperm and egg that is passed from parent to offspring and becomes incorporated into the DNA of cells in the offspring's body. "In addition to decreasing fertilisation potential, this can also influence the pregnancy itself, as is noted by increased pregnancy risks when conception is successful," she said.

These germline or heredity mutations also may contribute to the association of advancing paternal age and disorders in the offspring, such as these children being diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia. "Although it is well documented that children of older fathers are more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia one in 141 infants with fathers under 25 versus one in 47 with fathers over 50 the reason is not well understood," she said.

The study also found that older men struggled with fertility issues even if their partner was under 25. She recommended that physicians counsel older men on the effect their age will have on conception, pregnancy and the health of their child. If men plan on delaying fatherhood, they should consider banking sperm before their 35th or at least by their 45th birthday to decrease the increased risks to the health of the mother and child.


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