Step-by-step guide to becoming a screenwriter

Step-by-step guide to becoming a screenwriter

Becoming a big shot Hollywood/Bollywood screenwriter is the dream of hundreds of thousands of people. Most will never take the necessary steps to become successful at it simply because they don't see the profession as a craft. They see it as a way to get rich. Granted, there are many screenwriters who have made millions of dollars over the course of their careers. But for those of you who are looking for information on how to get started, the following steps should help provide a bit more direction.

Educate Yourself
Too many newbie writers think that screenwriting is just something they can jump into. Now, I will admit that there are those exceptionally few writers who just seem to understand the rhythm of a movie script and have that innate gift of dialogue from the get go. But for the most part, all new writers need to have a basic understanding of what it is they are trying to write. That means research.

Start a Collection of Screenplays
Perhaps the most useful reference materials you can find are going to be sample scripts. Especially those that are in the same genre you intend to write. For example, if you are planning on writing a romantic comedy, get your hands on as many romantic comedy scripts as you can find.

Consider Attending a Writing Class
If you live in a major metropolitan city, there are probably a number of writing classes that you can choose from, many of which specialize in screenwriting.

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