Smart tricks to boost your general knowledge

Smart tricks to boost your general knowledge

General knowledge and information on current affairs and other areas are important simply because they put you in wise light. General knowledge is valued information regarding the social interests of a society, culture, civilization, community, or nation gathered from a range of various media platforms. This knowledge is not specialized information on a specific topic; rather, it is knowledge about every aspect of human lifeĀ  - current affairs, fashion, family, health, and the arts and sciences. General knowledge is helpful for the beginner of competitive examinations like SSC, UPSC, MBA, State PCS, Police, Railways and other GK competitions. Acquiring knowledge can be done in many ways and few of these are listed below.

Watch television not for entertainment but for knowledge
Watching news can also serve the purpose. People who can retain information with the help of pictures can switch to this medium of information. Various news channels in numerous languages are available on are television sets. The time spent in watching television can be diverted to a better cause. Not just entertainment, but TV sets also help you increase your score in entrance exams.

This is the first and foremost way to improve general knowledge. Expansion of knowledge occurs through constant reading. There is no hard and fast rule on the source of information. Any book, magazine, journal or just about anything in black and white can offer knowledge in some form or the other. Some amount of it may be forgotten but when done with interest, a lot of information can be retained for later use. However, it is important to inculcate reading as a habit if you intend to enhance your knowledge.

Reading helps us grasp information and writing helps us to retain it. This is a simple logic that we learn from our school days. The need to write repetitively all that we learnt has the ability to reinforce information in your brain cells.

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