Shape of your lips says about your personality

Shape of your lips says about your personality

All of our features are linked to various aspects of our personality. Not all lips are created equal. Some women have large, full lips, others have tiny rosebud ones. But no matter the size or shape of your pout, but They are definitely the first feature people notice. Herea are find what 7 lip shapes revel about your personality.

Full lips
Those blessed with a full, natural are empathetic individuals who value their relationships, are drawn to parenting, and find joy in putting others' needs before their own. Those people are more likely to make sure their own needs are met before their significant other's, at least in the beginning of a relationship.

Thin lips
If you have relatively thin lips, that mean that you are a perfectionist and have exacting standards. You always pick quality over quantity and pay attention to detail.

Wide lips
Women with wide, stretched lips are lively and have a large circle of friends with many different interests. As a perfectionist, you are very successful and talented, and you like to determine your own fate.

Button-shaped kissers are vivacious and charming. They are self-assured, adventurous, and unafraid to take risks. They glow with bright charisma.

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