Reason behind worshipping Lord Ganesha on wednesday

Reason behind worshipping Lord Ganesha on wednesday

According to astrology, Wednesday is considered the day of planet Mercury, which is believed to be the planet of success, lord Ganesha is also the lord of success. If Mercury is weak in your horoscope then you must worship lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. It will also bring good luck and fortune in your life. Importance of worshiping lord Ganesh on wednesday: -

Lord Ganesha is a God of good luck and auspiciousness. He is worshipped for blessings of wisdom, wealth, health, fertility and happiness. He is called Vighneshwara as he dispels problems and removes obstacles. He is a deity who removes all the bad qualities, instils good qualities and confers peace on the devotees who meditate on him.

All Hindu believers worship Lord Ganesha in the beginning of any new venture. It is believed that you will attain success in whatever you do if you pleased Lord Ganesha before starting it. He will remove obstacles that may stop your success.

Lord Ganesha worship reduces physical and mental stress.

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