Mysore pak recipe

Mysore pak recipe

Mysore Pak is a sweet dish of Karnataka, prepared especially during festival. Besan, ghee, sugar and water mixed together to form soft pieces.

Gram flour (besan) 3/4 cup, Sugar 4 cup, Desi ghee 2 1/2 cups, 1/2 cup Water

How to make
Sift the gram flour twice. Heat the ghee in a pan and keep it hot over a very low heat. Cook the sugar with two and half cups of water over medium heat, stirring continuously till it dissolves. Increase heat and bring the syrup to a boil.

Cook without stirring for about five minutes or till it reaches a single-thread consistency. Add half a cup of hot ghee to the syrup and stir; add gram flour gradually, stirring all the while to prevent lumps from forming.

Stir continuously till the mixture starts bubbling. Pour in the remaining hot ghee half a cup at a time. Every time you add the ghee the mixture should sizzle and froth.

Continue this process till all the ghee is consumed and there is a pleasant sweet roasted aroma. Pour the mixture into a greased tray. Cool a little and cut into squares.

Separate the squares when completely cooled and store in an airtight container to retain its freshness and crispness.

Total Time: 40 Minutes

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