Make a small bath look larger in a low budgets

Make a small bath look larger in a low budgets

If you have been cursed with a small bathroom, there are options that can add a little space to it or make it seem larger. Making some minor changes in the arrangement can make your bathroom look bigger.

Keep everything the same color
The same color and the same tone is necessary, when it comes to the tips to make bathroom spacious. Having contrast colors will always make the bathroom look smaller.

Install towel racks or hooks

Using wall space to store towels will help you preserve scarce cabinet, shelf, and counter space. For very small bathrooms, hooks on the back of the door or a towel bar on your glass shower door are great space saving solutions.

Use large mirrors

In small rooms, big mirrors are best. If you can, get a mirror that goes to the ceiling installed behind your sink. This helps the ceilings look higher while expanding the square footage.

Choose a clear shower curtain
If a shower curtain just makes more sense for you, buy one that's clear. It's a modern look that will give the look of more space because of course, you can see through it.

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