Magical places in India that are almost a secret

Magical places in India that are almost a secret

India may be the seventh largest country in the world, but it is one of the richest in terms of culture, color, diverse landscapes and natural resources. India has a lot of interesting places to visit. But still there are various unseen and hidden places in the country that are less explored.

Pangong Tso
One of the best things that the film '3 Idiots' does for the tourist is that it has presented the scenic beauty of Leh & Ladakh. Located in a high altitude in the Himalayan Ranges, the salty water of Kumarakom lake is blue.


Hampi is a small village in the southern state of India, Karnataka. It was once the capital of Vijayanagar Empire. The empire ruled southern India from 14th to 16th century. Then the village was a magnificent site with great monuments and temples. It is believed that there were above 500 such massive structures.

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