Lord Ganesha: Different names and its meaning

Lord Ganesha: Different names and its meaning

Lord Ganesha is one of the most famous Hindu Gods and is worshiped by different names. A God who is famously known to eliminate obstacles from the lives of humans, Ganesha is often the first God who is worshiped on any occasion. Lets know the different names of Lord ganesha-

Ganapati is the name that signifies that Ganesha is the Lord Of all Ganas


Gajanana is the name that refers to Lord Ganesha as the lord with an elephant head.

Ganesha is worshiped by this name in order to eliminate all forms of negativity.

This again is used to describe Lord Ganesha as the Lord with an elephant head.

Siddhivinayaka and Siddhidhata

This name signifies that Lord Ganesha endues all humans with happiness.

This name relates to Lord Ganesha as the eliminator of deadlocks and any form of obstacles.

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