Know the Classic Cuddling Positions....

Know the Classic Cuddling Positions....

Next time your guy gets on your case about cuddle time--he says he's too hot, needs his space, doesn't feel like relaxing--present the evidence. Research suggests that there's more to cuddling than meets the eye. Lovey-dovey'ness aside, the health benefits of cuddling will surely convince him to make time for it.

These are all the cuddles you need to know.

The spoon. Place yourself directly behind her on the bed, with both of you lying on your side, Put your arm around her. This leaves as you the "big spoon" (the one doing the cuddling" and her as the "little spoon" (the one being cuddled).

The shoulder roll. Turn your body towards your partner. Rest your upper arm around her waist and her lower arm behind you.

The star gazer. Most men have a fleshy area on the side of their chest. Lie on your back and have her rest on it with her head. It will be comfortable and intimate for the both of you.

The superman. Position some pillows lower down the bed than usual. When you're spooning, place your lower arm above you, under the pillow and out the other side

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