Keeping Secrets Isn't Bad for You: Never Tell Your Partner

Keeping Secrets Isn't Bad for You: Never Tell Your Partner

Confessions are good, but not always. To stay in a happy relationship we suggest some things left untold to your present. Trust us, what they don't know, won't hurt them. At least you'll be spared of your current popping up those memories when you two have a fight. Here are some things you never say to your husband.

He Broke My Heart
Well, there are very few relationships that end pleasantly, because most break-ups cause a lot of pain to both partners. Try not to mention too often to your new love how much your ex-boyfriend hurt you or how hard it was for you to move on, because he may think that you haven't really moved on yet or that you still have feelings for your ex and I'm sure you wouldn't want that.

Don't touch my phone
We store pretty much all of our personal information in our phones these days, but if you have nothing to hide from your spouse there should be no reason to get defensive about your device. It's totally reasonable to expect privacy and respect for your personal items, but if your spouse needs to use your phone and you freak out and tell him or her not to look through it, you're sure to get into an argument that won't be easily resolved. If you have nothing to hide in your marriage, you shouldn't be worried about what your spouse might find.

That you don't think the sex is all that great
If your spouse told you this, you would be crushed  guaranteed. Sex is what you make of it. If it's not as fulfilling or as fun as you want, communicate your needs to your spouse or show him exactly what it is you like. Complaining to him that "the sex isn't good" won't fix anything.

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