Janmashtami: History and why we celebrate

Janmashtami: History and why we celebrate

Krishna Janmashtmi, Krishna Ashtami is a popular festival of India and celebrated among Hindus with a great zeal. Janmashtmi , which is known to be the birthday of God Krishna is celebrated as the festival of Janmashtami by the Vaishnavas.

Celebration of Janamashtami
Krishna Janamashtmi is the day, when prayers and bhajans are sung by the people. Holy mantras are chanted out by the people on this very day. People offer their prayers to Sri Krishna. People prepare the sweets at home. Plays are organized in the streets or in the parks and small children like to dress like Sri Krishna.

Importance of Janamashtmi

Janamashtmi has a significance of its own. Lord Vishnu in a sacred book of ancient times named Bhagvad Gita says that whenever there wil be any dominance of evil in the society and the decline of the religion, I will reincarnate in this world to kill and remove the evil and also to protect the good. The main significance of this festival lies in encouraging the goodwill and discouraging the bad will. Krishna Janamashtmi is also celebrated for the togetherness.

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