Jaipur Rugs Farm X BMW: Exploring 'Farm to Folk'

Jaipur Rugs Farm X BMW: Exploring 'Farm to Folk'

On the occasion of Mother's Day, BMW and Jaipur Rugs Farm organized a special workshop on healthy living at Jaipur Modern Cafe. The event was a platform for exploring the fascinating world of 'Farm to Folk' organic products and healthy dishes that are not just a feast for the taste buds, but a treasure trove of well being.

The exclusive culinary workshop was undertaken by Ms Sruthi Sethi, who defeated cancer by bringing changes in her lifestyle and in her mind set. "Choosing the right food is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet can help us solve most of our health problems. After all, the key to good health lies in our hands not the doctor's," said Sruthi Sethi, health and consciousness coach, Jaipur Rugs

The participants learnt the art of making healthy smoothies and meal-replacing salads. They also shared insights into their personal eating habits and the changes they have made to improve their lifestyle.

Jaipur Rugs is actively involved in organic farming for over three years. It has an organic farm in a village called Med, which is about 90 kilometres from Jaipur and in Badinaal in Bikaner in Rajasthan. The third farm is in Dharampur, Gujarat which is currently supplying organic mangoes.

The organic produce from these farms includes: bindhi, sweet corn, lettuce, tomato, kakdi, tinda, karela, melon, watermelon, kheera, spring onion, garlic, coriander, ajwain etc.

Rutvi Chaudhary, one of the key person's behind the Jaipur Rugs Farm's healthy living initiative said: "Through the Jaipur Rugs Farm we are trying to promote healthy food alternatives in the city. We are also pushing for a farming system that promotes sustainability, improves soil fertility and takes care of biological diversity

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