Instagram launches a new messaging app Threads for close friends

Instagram launches a new messaging app Threads for close friends

Facebook has announced the launch of a new Threads messaging app from Instagram, which is geared towards messaging close friends. Facebook was testing Threads back in August, and the app is now official. Threads is being pitched as a camera-focused messaging app designed for chatting with close friends.

Threads will be a standalone app, and Instagram says this is designed with "privacy, speed, and close connections in mind." Just like any other messaging app, users will be able to share photos, videos, messages and Stories with those friends who are on their Instagram close friends list. Users will be in control of who can reach them on Threads as well.

On Instagram, there is an option for Close Friends, and some Stories can only be viewed by these friends. When posting a Story, users have the option of sharing it with their entire follower list on Instagram or with Close Friends. With Threads app, there will be a dedicated inbox and notifications just for these close friends. If users have not created a list, they will be able to make one directly from Threads when they download the app.

Threads will open directly to the camera and allows users to add shortcuts, so they can share what they want in just two taps. It also has a Status feature, similar to WhatsApp. The user will be able to choose from a suggested status such as Studying or create their own status to post.

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