How to successfully cope with a workaholic partner

How to successfully cope with a workaholic partner

If it seems like your spouse loves his/her job more than you, you may feel lonely and frustrated. You are not alone; many men/women are driven to achieve their career goals - even at the expense of their marriages.

Signal your needs

Explain to your partner that marriage is about relying on each other for certain needs. Let them know if their mind is always on work, it leads to creating an emotional vacuum in your relationship.

Weekend trips
Spend every weekend as if you have nothing else to do except enjoy every pleasure on this planet. Make your spouse forget all the hard work she/he has done during the week.

Listen to your partner
Remember every relationship has two perspectives. Find out why your partner works the way they do. You may learn something new and helpful in the process.

Allow his/her sleep peacefully

After a steamy session, instead of directly sleeping, spend a few minutes asking his/her how her/his day was. Appreciate his/her efforts and inspire her a bit. Hug his/her tight and allow his/her to sleep well. Your life will be beautiful only till his/her peace is maintained.

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