How to speak English fluently and confidently

How to speak English fluently and confidently

Here is a list of practical to improving your English language skills, so you can apply them to improving your grammar and vocabulary. Remember, your improvement will come from addressing your linguistic issues outside of class. Re-training your muscles and mind takes awareness, practice and perseverance. If you put in the hours and the work, you will see positive results.

Learn and become aware
After learning the various rules of English, you must become aware of the errors that you make in your speech. Keep an organized list of your corrections that have come from being monitored by other speakers, preferably native English speakers. If you don't have a native English speaker to monitor you, simple listen and repeat with the Elemental English pronunciation and speaking lessons, and take note of how your pronunciation differs from mine.

Any time you are corrected, write down the correction that you were given on a special "monitoring" list. Constantly update this list, and keep it organized. This is extremely useful, because the errors that you produce are usually not random mistakes that come from "a slip of the tongue". Most errors are part of a pattern of mistakes that you repeat again and again.

Repetitive Review

Consistently review your monitoring list of errors. You should start to notice a pattern and then be constantly aware of that pattern of what you need to correct.

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