How To Jumpstart Your Car

How To Jumpstart Your Car

When you slide into your seat, turn the key, and nothing happens, it's not a good way to start the morning. A dead battery is a frustrating situation that could put you in danger, regardless of whether it was caused by the weather interfering with your engine or by leaving an overhead light burning in the cabin. However, jump-starting your automobile is easy if you have jumper cables, a friend (or stranger) with a car, and some reliable knowledge. Here's a quick introduction on jump-starting a dead battery in your automobile for those who are new to driving or a little refresher for the experienced:

 Before Jump-Starting, Double Check:

●Your power source. Make sure it's not frozen, rusted, leaky, or damaged. Call an expert if it is not safe to jump-start your automobile.
●For open flames and metal objects, such as watches, phones, cigarettes, and the wrench you used to force the engine to run, the spark should be inside the engine rather than outside.
●Your secret. Take it out of the ignition and store it somewhere secure and sentimental.
●The handbook for your vehicle. Before you start, locate the section that describes how to jump-start your particular battery.
●The battery voltage. The batteries in both cars must be the same voltage; most are 12 volts, but a 6-volt battery should never be used with a 12-volt battery.

Tips to Start Your Car

1.The functional car's engine should be started and operated for one to two minutes.

2.If the car's battery is dead, start it up and give it a minute or two to recharge.

3.After removing the cables in reverse order, drive your revived car for half an hour to allow it to recuperate before using it again.

If you must replace your car battery frequently, it may be time for a new one.

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