How to decorate your home with paper!

How to decorate your home with paper!

Butterfly wall hanging craft with paper
: Butterfly hanging craft is one of the best papercraft wall decorating idea. In this we fold coloured craft sheets in an artistic way to create unique form. Variation in shapes, sizes, colours and stings lead to more attractive wall hanging. With this design, you can make your walls by which people will not put their eyes far away from that.

Immersive 3D wall hanging craft with paper:
This decoration is created with 3 dimensional clouds and hot air balloons. You can add umbrellas and rainfall patterns by short paper cutting. This will look very great on your walls.

Floral room decoration with paper:
This technique is one of the best DIY home decoration ideas with paper. This is really very simple to cut the piece into the shape of roses and sunflowers

Lunar wall decoration craft: This moon wall hanging decor is made of papers and mirrors. You may make this wall decoration craft at home if you have the right understanding and tools of crafting.

Thread tassel and snapshots paper room decor:
This wall decoration comprises a woven network of thread tassels with various rectangular pieces of paper. You can attach your printed pictures to the paper. By doing this your room will look attractive and stylish.

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