Habits that Women Hate in Men

Habits that Women Hate in Men

If you want to impress the woman of your dreams, you have to make an effort to be the best man that you can be. When it comes to relationships many men wander onto proverbial land mines. Going about their daily lives, they keep bad habits that they may not realize are destructive to their causes. No matter how innocent you think you are, if you are keeping these bad habits there's a good chance you are turning your girl against you.


It's the same as a lack of determination, but only on a basic level. Women don't like guys who just lie around waiting for someone else to do their job for them. Whether it's chores, their job or raising a family, women don't like it when men don't take their responsibilities seriously.

The troublesome toilet seat
Only takes a second to drop the toilet seat but women feel by not doing so, you are being disrespectful to them. Don't look so surprised, who said dating a woman can be easy.

Stare at other girls
If you are out on a date with a particular girl, it indicates that you have chosen to give her your attention and time. On the other hand, if we find you perpetually distracted in our company or ogling at other girls in the pub or restaurant even while sitting with us, we will naturally sign you off as a waste of time.

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