Get a dream job with these astrological remedies

Get a dream job with these astrological remedies

Employment is one of the most important aspects that define an individual as successful in life. Employment gains financial independence to earn, spend and save for oneself. It can be one of the most happening things in someones life yet problematic in someone elses. If you are a well educated person and not getting a good job then must have faith in Astrology. Try some of the remedies to make your luck strong and to get a good job.

Worship Lord Hanuman
As per the Vedic astrology Lord Hanuman should be worshipped on regular basis to please the Planet Saturn (shani). Lord Hanuman is said to be the ruling deity of Saturn. Therefore, you are destined to reach the step of success as soon as possible by worshipping this deity.

Japa of Shani mantra

The most effective mantra to attract the positivity of the planet Saturn (shani) is the Shani mantra. Therefore, to recite the shani mantra 19000 times in 40 days is strongly recommended. Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah is the Shani mantra that is to be recited.

Donate a buffalo or black til
Present your gratitude towards Saturn in the form of donating buffalo or black til (Sesame Seeds) on Saturday. With this the obstacles that were not allowing you to get a government job will be removed.

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