Freshen your kitchen with these indoor plants

Freshen your kitchen with these indoor plants

The key to a fresh and colorful interior decor is to use indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your decor needs to stand out and to feel complete. Decorating your kitchen with lovely plants can also make the place seem brighter and much more beautiful. However, there are certain plants that you can keep in the kitchen.

Hanging Garden
This wall of plants isn't limited to the kitchen, but we can imagine it hanging next to the stove so you can pluck fresh herbs to season your soup with ease.

Tiny pots
If you have sufficient place in your kitchen, you can deck the kitchen tables with tiny pots. You can place the plant in a basket or a tray. Plants like lemon grass grow well in a kitchen surrounding, and the smell which is emitted from the plant can ward off the kitchen smell too.

Window Ledge
Keep your kitchen seasonal by adding flowering plants on the ledge behind your kitchen sink. Even when it's cold and gray, it will give you something green to look at.

DIY Plant Hanger
Even with a small kitchen, you can find a corner to fit this plant hanger. Plus, you can save time by watering the top plant and letting it drip down onto the ones below.

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