Eggless oreo biscuit cake

Eggless oreo biscuit cake

This biscuit cake is very easy to prepare, taste delicious and needs very few ingredients.

1 large packet and 1 small packet of oreo biscuits (19 pairs. 38 biscuits in total), 1 cup milk (240 ml), 3/4 tsp baking powder OR 3/4 tsp Eno, 3 tbsp sugar

How to make

Crush the biscuits roughly. Do not remove the cream. Transfer to a blender. Add the other ingredients and blend into a smooth paste.Grease a microwave safe dish liberally with butter, oil or ghee. (You can also line the base with parchment paper/ butter paper to get a clean top while inverting. Please use good quality parchment paper. I first greased the bottom and sides and placed the parchment paper.

Transfer the cake batter into the dish. Microwave for 5 minutes 9in regular microwave mode. You will see some moist spots on the top and sides). That's fine. Do not touch the cake for atleast another 15 minutes, you want to let it cook with the heat trapped inside.

If you wish to invert the cake, let it cool for 30 minutes. Check this post for more tips. If you have used parchment paper to line the base, you can invert it in lesser time. You can top the cake with sugar powder. Just take some powdered sugar in a strainer and splash it all over the cake. cake is ready.

Prep time: 2 Minutes
Cook time: 15 Minutes

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