Easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs in your garden

Easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs in your garden

Growing your own vegetables and herbs has its perks. Aside from saving you money, gardening can help you lose weight, lower your risk of heart attack and stroke and motivate your children to eat healthier. What's even better: You don't need a green thumb. Any gardening newbie can be successful with these five easy-to-grow foods. Check out:

No store-bought tomato can compare to a perfectly ripe one plucked fresh from your garden. That could be why tomatoes are the most widely grown vegetables in American gardens. All they need is a little water and 6-8 hours of sun a day. You don't even have to start with seeds. It's easy to buy a starter plant and add it to your garden.

Carrots are another great go-to gardening vegetable. They grow best in temperatures from 40 to 85 degrees F quite a range.

Green beans
Green beans give you a big return for minimal investment. The large seeds are easy to plant and grow very quickly. Bush beans are especially easy and give you ample harvest. Pole beans take up even less space in the garden and offer a longer season of productivity.

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