Don't make these common mistakes while choosing a career

Don't make these common mistakes while choosing a career

Don't follow in someone else's footsteps
It's not uncommon for someone to go into the same occupation as their parents', and it's not uncommon when they do they eventually find their occupation unsatisfying. Your father may have been an attorney. Your father's father may have been an attorney. But you can be whatever you want - and you should.

Money being the deciding factor

This is one mistake majority of us do. People always prefer money over interests and doing something you actually like. Money is very important factor for everyone and hence it might be important to earn some before you actually follow your passion.

Don't limit your options to a "Best Careers" list

Lists that tell you what careers have the best opportunities of the year, decade or whatever, can be a helpful guide when it comes to selecting a career. However, making a decision based solely on one of those lists is a terrible idea. Even an occupation with a great outlook can be a bad fit, so you have to scratch below the surface to find out whether you and a career are a good match.

Don't jump in blind
One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is not doing their homework before heading down a specific career path. Yes, you may stand to make a lot of money if you become an entrepreneur, but if you do your research, you will find out that most entrepreneurs never hit it big, they have long work weeks and many sleepless nights thinking about how they're going to make payroll and keep the business afloat. Don't choose an occupation until you are thoroughly familiar with what it entails. You need to learn everything you can about any career you are serious about.

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