Creative Storage Ideas to Organize Kids Room

Creative Storage Ideas to Organize Kids Room

Organizing the kids' rooms can be such a time-consuming task, especially when your kids have more toys than you have storage space. Check out some of the tips to organize your champs and cutie's room. Have a look-

Use low shelves
Use low shelves as much as you can for things the children need to reach. Save any upper shelves for long term storage or decorations that only mom and dad need to be able to access.

Placing of things
Place things like coat hooks, bulletin boards, and shelves all down low. Don't forget to hang children's pictures at their eye level, not yours.

Consider containers
Choose a variety of containers that will work for different types of toys. Invest in see-through plastic storage containers in various sizes, and repurpose other storage devices such as shoe organizers, canvas totes, and plastic shoe boxes.

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