Crack IAS Mains Exam 2019: Important Topics

Crack IAS Mains Exam 2019: Important Topics

This guide will help you prepare a strategy for IAS exam taking into account an integrated approach for Prelims and Mains. You should know the important topics for civil services exam Prelims and Mains.

Modern Indian History , Ancient and Medieval History, Indian Culture.

Geography is divided into three parts - Physical, Economic and Human Geography. Important sub-topics of physical geography include geophysical phenomena like earthquakes, Tsunami, volcanic activity, cyclone etc. Another very important aspect of physical geography for Prelims is Maps. You can expect anywhere between 4-8 map-based questions in Prelims.

Planning, growth, development, resource mobilization and employment
WTO issues like farm subsidies, patent regime, minimum support prices ,etc, Banking
Economic fundamentals for prelims

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