Cheap and Easy ideas to decor your garden in budgets

Cheap and Easy ideas to decor your garden in budgets

It does not matter whether your garden is small or big. You can make it beautiful by some really innovative ideas. Here are some ideas for your garden.

Apply garden wood paint or stain with a wide paintbrush suitable for fences, or a rough-surface roller, using a small brush for fiddly bits, and work from the top down. Remember to cover any plants nearby.

Recycle your old shoes by turning them into unique pots. Creepers and ferns look good when you hang them at creative angles. Don't forget the drainage. Makes for fun backyard decor.

Canned (top) Old watering cans can make interesting vases or planters simply get them painted in vibrant shades. You can place them together, and bring harmony by planting similar flowering shrubs in each. If using as planters, drill a hole at the bottom for drainage for plastic, just heat a screwdriver and plunge into the bottom of the can.

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