Are you more than friends or just friends!

Are you more than friends or just friends!

Just because he/she never said he/she liked you, it doesn't mean that you can't read the signs he/she likes you more than a friend. It is common for men/women to try to hide such things because they think they will make them more vulnerable and they want to know you like them back before they make the first move. Here are some signs showing features of  him/her being more than just a friend.

You talk to her/him every day on phone
Talking to each other on phone becomes a daily ritual. And you don't regret that! This is one sign that you're getting comfortable with a friend.

He/she makes you a priority
A person who is in love with you will make you a priority in his life. This doesn't mean he doesn't care about other things and people in his life, this shows that you matter to him/his and he/she wants you to know that.

He/She notices
There's also the fact that he notices the little things about you. The new haircut, new shoes, or the fact that you've recently changed shampoos. Maybe it's the way you smile depending on the circumstance. Either way, he notices and likes it.

You are protective about her/him
You feel as if it is your duty to protect her/him. This is one sign that she/he is more than just a friend to you.

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