Architecture 5 career options: Job opportunities, courses, salary

Architecture 5 career options: Job opportunities, courses, salary

Architects are the real creators of amazing buildings and structures. Architecture, in particular is the study which deals with planning and designing of building and structures. Architecture is a highly competitive and multi-disciplinary profession which involves a variety of tasks at work. Here are some jobs options in architecture.

Professional Courses
Anybody who has studied Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry at the 10+2 level can apply for admission to study architecture at the graduate level in colleges offering the course. B.Arch is a 5 year course and most schools and colleges select students through a written test. Further on completion of the graduate course, if interested, one can study architecture at the post graduate course which varies from 18 months to 2 years.

Literally an architect is someone who has got training from an architecture institute on the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. Generally, architects are licensed to practice architecture. An architect either can work independently or for some architecture company or real estate developing firm.

Architecture Designer
Architecture designers are the professionals who are involved in designing houses and other small buildings. However, these are not registered like an architect but perform various jobs such as designing buildings, designing light-frame buildings including of family homes, agricultural buildings, etc. Some additional duties for architecture designers may include designing of decorative facades malls or big to small sized buildings.

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