9 Common beauty mistakes and how to fix them

9 Common beauty mistakes and how to fix them

Too much fake tan
Don't overdo fake tan, it's incredibly ageing. A light golden glow looks natural and healthy.
Try using an overnight tanner.

Helmet hair
Nothing is as ageing as hair that never moves so avoid overworked hair-dos and too much hairspray. The most flattering styles look effortless and natural. Don't be afraid to keep your hair long, especially if it's thick. Youthful hair shines with health so cheat with a glossing spray.

Too much conditioner can be harmful
People apply conditioner all over their hair and scalp like shampoo. The hair at the roots is new and healthier.

Make-up mistakes
Stop using eyeliner and mascara on lower lashes. Too much make-up on the lower lid can make eyes look droopy and draw attention to hollows or dark circles.

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