7 Ways to deal with hunger while dieting

7 Ways to deal with hunger while dieting

People have a big problem with losing weight because they cannot reduce their hunger. When a person is hungry, he or she tends to munch on the unhealthiest of things. If you can get to reduce your hunger naturally, then you will end up eating less naturally. And the key to losing extra weight is to eat less than you want to. here are health ways to reduce hunger.

Drink water all day
Water is your best defense against hunger, hands down. Reduced appetite for a whopping zero calories. Perfection.

Eat Slowly
If you eat quickly, your food is just gobbled up and you feel full very quickly. But you also get hunger pangs quicker. So eat slowly and relish your food so that you feel full and satiated.

No sugar
Skip the sugar, candy, white bread/white rice, cereal, and sugary drinks - they will spike your insulin levels like crazy, shoot your hunger levels through the roof, and directly amp up fat storage.

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