7 Home remedies for chapped lips, get smooth lips

7 Home remedies for chapped lips, get smooth lips

The way your lips look can affect the overall look of your face. A perfect pair of lips looks healthy, pink, soft and flexible. These guidelines will help both men and women make their lips look more attractive and inviting.

Moisturize your Lips
Use chapstick to get soft lips. Chapsticks always come in handy; they protect your lips from pollution and sun damage. They also help retain the moisture in your lips. Put some chapstick on your lips before you leave your house and before you go to bed.

Use Coconut Oil

Using a bit of coconut oil on your lips is a great way to keep them hydrated and beautiful. Remember though, you don't have to use a whole lot, just a small amount of coconut oil once a week will do.

Avoid Sun
One of the biggest things that you have to remember whenever you are dealing with keeping your lips soft is avoiding the sun. Sun can actually suck everything out of your skin and especially your lips.

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