6 Style tips to look great on a date

6 Style tips to look great on a date

Don't wear your closet
This is not the time to layer your favorite shirt underneath that gorgeous sweater you just couldn't resist from the mall and cover them with ropes of chains and pearls. With that much eye candy, your guy may have trouble figuring out where to focus. You are trying to win a personality contest, not 'Project Runway.'

Focus on looking great above the waist

Chances are, most of the evening you will be sitting down. Spend your resources presenting a pretty picture that he can see. Give him something to talk about: a blouse in a great color, a well-made top that shows off your shoulders, or jeweled earrings that catch the light.

Embrace color
You don't have to dress in a Technicolor splash, but a little color around your face will bring out your eyes and your smile. The right shade will make you look rosy when you feel ill from the food or something he says. Men love red  from fire engine to cherry tomato to raspberry rich red.

Fit and flatter
Don't worry about size. Focus on fit. When the dress is on you it should fit you and not your imaginary size. Be real: we all have bags we don't want to carry and rolls we wish would roll away. The important thing is to master the art of disguise and invest in your assets.

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