6 Style tips to look great on a date

6 Style tips to look great on a date

Getting ready for a date can be stressful enough without worrying about what you are going to wear.You spend way too much time planning the perfect outfit, second-guessing yourself, and waiting on your closest friends to weigh in on what they think you should wear. To avoid all of this pre-date craziness, we have seven charming ensembles for you to keep in mind the next time you're getting ready for a date.

First impressions are most certainly last impressions especially if you are on your date. Use this opportunity to forge a stronger connection with that special someone by ensuring that you are dressed to impress. Here are some tips for what we wear on date.

Don't wear black

It's already dark enough in that club, restaurant or movie theater you will probably wind up in. Your mission is to stand out, not blend in with your surroundings. Besides, my unofficial poll of single guys found that they find the color totally desperate and boring.

Go leggy lass
Throw him a curveball by wearing a dress and employ the sneaky leg lengthening trick by pairing classy yet undeniably sexy nude heels. Flesh tones on your feet give the impression of longer legs and match anything you wear.

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