6 Common pregnancy health problems, everything you need to know

6 Common pregnancy health problems, everything you need to know

Giving birth to a child is a terrible gift, a woman is happiest at this time of her life. However, the facts are that all the pregnancies are not easy. There are some common problems of Pregnancy period-

Rh Disease
During the pregnancy, the mother will have to have blood tests. These blood tests will reveal the Rh factor and the blood type of the baby. If you are Rh negative and your husband is Rh positive and the child has the inherited the father's positive blood type then there will be serious problems. Your immune system will recognize your baby's positive blood and it will try to kill the red blood cells in your baby's body. But fortunately, this can be prevented by a special injection.

Preterm Labor
Usually, a baby is born after the thirty seventh week of the pregnancy. However, if a baby is born before that then he or she is called premature. Such babies need special care around the clock. But you can stop this by looking at the warning signs and contacting your doctor as soon as possible.

High BP
More than ten percent of the pregnant women have high blood pressure complications during their pregnancy. Such blood pressure during the pregnancy is called toxemia or preeclamsia. This can be very serious for the baby and the mother and you need to take proper actions for it in time. Mostly the women who are diabetic, overweight or older than thirty five years have higher risks of high blood pressure.

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