5 Tips to write a perfect CV

5 Tips to write a perfect CV

Having a good CV, or curriculum vitae, is the best possible way of showcasing your skills, knowledge and experience. Here are our some CV writing tips.

A CV is not an autobiography that should run into pages. It has to be short; it has to state facts; and be to the point. A CV should be an indicator of the job seeker's best achievements and should leave something to be discussed during the actual interview. It has to be like a starter that teases the appetite. Therefore, your CV should be short and interesting, so that the employer gets excited about wanting to call you for a follow-up interview.

Show what makes you unique
For every job you apply for you could be up against hundreds of other candidates, so you need to make sure you stand out. Employers don't just buy skills, they buy solutions, so show how can you make the company money and how can you resolve the problems that they have.

Balance between confidence and arrogance
Now, while applying for a job it is necessary to put yourself in the best possible spotlight. But one can also make the mistake of going overboard in self-projection and that can be a huge turn off, as it can come across as arrogant. Being positive, realistic and confident is the best possible balance to achieve while creating a CV.

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