5 Tips for coping with depression in a relationship

5 Tips for coping with depression in a relationship

Maintaining relationships while you're depressed can be extremely hard. The life in general can be tough during periods of depression. Having to face others who once knew the healthier, happier you, can feel embarrassing, shameful, and even downright frustrating. You might feel like you can't be yourself around others because you're trapped inside the walls of depression. But you have to come up from this frustration. Check out some of the ways which will tellyou that how to behave when you are suffering from depression-

Do Small Things
To make sure you're maintaining relationships when you're depressed, occasionally do small things with others. It doesn't have to be anything too dramatic, or overwhelming, just something small: maybe a coffee date, a chat on the phone, a short visit with them if they ask to come over, or, maybe it's as simple as lunch. Doing small things with people in your life is one of the best ways to maintain relationships.

Focus on Long Term

During depression, all you can think about is the here and now and how miserable you are. However you can, try to focus on the long term. Two years from now, do you want to be alone, and be without certain people in your life? Withdrawing from them now isn't the way to keep them around, for sure. Be sure you focus on the long term and remember, the depression will pass, but don't let relationships with people you love pass along with it.

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