5 Signs that Tell you are Dating a Psycho

5 Signs that Tell you are Dating a Psycho

It is always seen that girls are very crazy and insecure for their love relation. Many of these types of girls have to face the break ups but they never accept their mistakes. Check out some symptoms of a psycho girlfriend.

Call him non-stop
Calling your BF a million times because you are wondering where he is or what he's doing.

You don't take no for an answer

Whenever the girls are in mood of argument, they never take the word no as a part of the answer. They think by saying no the gentleman is ignoring her. But in actual the fact, they do these to ignore the fight.

A non-stop cry
If you are the sensitive type, try your best to pull yourself together when appropriate. Crying because you got bad news is understandable, but crying because you are late for work and you missed your train isn't something your man's gonna want to deal with every damn day.

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